Thursday, January 28, 2010


Even MORE time has passed than the last time I updated this blog!

Heh... At least I was busy having a life and all that. The rest of the trip in the Gulf of Mexico was uneventful. I was unable to upload any movies to youtube while on the vessel. So, once I got home I made this video and uploaded it, describing the looooong holiday I had had before.

Then, we went on holiday in Henties bay. Isolde's father had rented a house of a famous fishing woman for two weeks leading up to Christmas. Needless to say, we spent almost every day on the beach. I got to know Isolde's folks and family really well. They are suuuuch great people, I did not mind spending the time with them at all.

We did all sorts of fun things, and I got to be really good at putting up Gazebo's. We even caught a few edible fish! We spent christmas with Isolde's family. I was a bit sad that my mom was not in town, but she had a great time at Kobie's in Cape Town. Which was good.

One of the more special treats this past holiday was Isolde's pops taking us on a tour up to the Messum Crater. Wow. It is one of the areas that I really wanted to see in Namibia. I have some photos of that on my Facebook now.

We spent the New Years with our friends on the beach, and then the last week of my break we just relaxed. Well, almost. Isolde and me went for a camp up the Kuiseb river. Just the two of us. It was really special. Isolde's company is so very relaxing to me. I suffered a bit from some or the other allergy, so my nose would not stop running. Most of the night I had to blow my nose. Isolde says she woke up once to see me sleeping with toilet paper stuffed into my nose!

Now I am back on board the WG Columbus, back in the Gulf of Mexico, and about halfway through a trip again. I have been using my spare time to test out my new video editor, and re-made some of the movies that I had made with OpenMovieEditor. Kdenlive works much faster and has a more natural workflow. It's just really, really disk hungry. :)

While we did not get to doing any work on my house during the last break, we at least kept the grass cut short and watered. We made some changes to the plans for the house....The plans are starting to look really good, and I am proud to come home these days.

Having Isolde in my life is just about the best thing that has ever happened to me.