Monday, June 1, 2009

In the US...

So, all the gear is on board, and we are tied up just in front of the drydock that we will be visiting. Later today we'll get in there, and then finally we will all be able to see just what the damage is to our thruster.

It's just two days till I tackle the 48 hour trip home. Man, I can't wait to be back home. It's been a long trip, and I miss my friends, family and most of all, my girlfriend!

There are also a few other things to look forward to in Namibia. I had a trailer built for my Land-rover that I bought last trip, so that should be done by now, and what better excuse to go camping than: "we really need to give that trailer a test"?

It's winter now in Namibia, so it'll be cold at night time, especially in the desert, and the days will be a little more temperate. I think we will be traveling to Brandberg and Omdel dam this break.