Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hurricane Alex

Ah, we were all supposed to be either home, or on a plane there.

Unfortunately mother nature had some other ideas, and right now we are far away from land, and late for crewchange. The trip itself was not too bad, as seismic trips go, with a lot of variation keeping us interested.

The weather here in the Gulf is amazingly hot... hot enough to make us glad for rain cooling matters down. High thirties, low forties, stifling humidity. Any bit of iron lying in the sun gets too hot to touch. All fun and games.

With the oil spill here in the Gulf all licenses to do pretty much anything in the Gulf has been delayed, and we might be sailing our ships somewhere else sometime soon. Who knows what the future will hold? Right now we are more concerned with the more immediate future.

Some lucky souls will have a chance of early escape tomorrow on the only helicopter for the day. The rest of us will have to wait for Saturday when we will hopefully be able to finally go home.

This upcoming break is promising to be a short, busy one. For the first time in many years I am home for my birthday, and it's on a weekend, too. My Land-Rover has been in for repairs for the longest time.. four months by now, if I remember correctly. It will be getting a toyota lexus V8 engine and auto gearbox. The only part we are waiting on is the conversion bit that was especially made in South Africa.

The repairs made to the car seriously impacted our ability to camp in style. But nothing will keep us from enjoying nature... We went camping at the Spitzkoppe with "Tweety" and touring the South of Namibia with the "Gulashkanone" while waiting for the parts. This break promises to have the spares, and we might be lucky enough to be able to take the car for a little test camp.


Also, this break I have to get to Malaysia for a Lean-3 course, in order to learn how to elimitate waste and make work easier and more effecient. Then I might have a little chance to go visit my friend Johan in the US.

Wow... busy, busy, busy...

There are a lot of videos that have been prepared during my spare time on board here for Youtube, but due to bandwitdh restrictions I am unable to upload them now. Watch this space for some videos in a week or so.