Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorcerer is amazing...

Hmm, I'm back at work, and the car saga is on hold... for now.

I'm trying what I can from the other end of the world, but so far it's just an excersize in frustration.

The wrongly delivered gearbox I sent back to Johannesburg in South Africa, but I got a message from my courier that it's stuck on the border, in need of some paperwork only JapanAuto can provide. So far I am not too impressed with their service... first in sending me the wrong part, then in their lacklustre attitude in fixing the mistake.


So, I rather play with the things I have more direct control over. I am messing with the Operating System on my laptop. It's my favorite... Sorcerer, a sources-only flavor of Linux. I'm halfway through an update of KDE now. The entire download was 14mb... and 12 of those were for the graphics!

There is no binary that can beat Sorcerer on lightness of network traffic.
There is no other distro that can beat Sorcerer on configure-ability.
Keeping up to date is also quite easy, but not so painless for nVidia users. So far every time I had a kernel update I had to spend some time in the command line more.

So, yeah, I am impressed again on just how light Sorcerer is on the network... Good job, Kyle.