Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another holiday gone...

This past holiday went past far too quickly! We managed to get a lot of things done, despite Isolde being 7 months pregnant.

We finished up renovating the master bedroom, the outside laundry and also the vegetable garden. We got to go out to the beach for a few hours rest and playing in the sand and sun...

Of course the Jetta picked up a technical fault and spent two weeks in bits. It's still in bits, as when my mechanic was assembling it he found a broken pulley that needed to be ordered from South Africa. It's a really temperamental car, but hopefully after a bit of tuning it will be back to being kick-ass.

I had to go back to work, and am only a couple of days into the trip and missing home and family quite a bit. Isolde keeps me up to date with the happenings at home. She tells me that the Yellow Rover's brakes stopped working for a bit, and mysteriously fixed itself. The Land-Rover is still in bits, almost for a year now. I think I got the last spare part for it now, and now we only have to see whether it fits and then maybe next year we will get it back.

Speaking of next year, it looks like a busy year from this end already. Isolde and I discussed that we will be having a re-affirmation of our vows in the Rostock Ritz towards the end of next year. Our baby is arriving in early February if everything goes well, and I will be having a long three month holiday to help out at home.

Only five weeks to go before coming home.