Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ah, what a nice few turns my life has made the last few months.

Isolde and I are now officially engaged! I am one lucky fellow, she is soooo cooool.

I have to brag a little with the ring, too. Here is a photo of the it:

We went on a tour of the South of Namibia. Boy, was it cool. It was more than a week of driving and camping and seeing some really spiffy places. We climbed Big Daddy, the biggest dune in the world. Literally. We saw the biggest Canyon in Africa, and we had fun doing it, dammit.

I finally got to see Luderitz, and Isolde lost her heart to the place. She says it's so cosy and quiet. We camped at the Shark Island there, and explored the surroundings, too. We took so many photos that we _still_ have not sorted through them all. Kolmanskuppe was especially amazing... we got a special permit to go there in the evening, when the sun was at it's best.

I have made a video of it, but since I am at work there is too little bandwidth to upload it.

Work has been busy busy busy... the first week was straight production, but then we had to pick up the spread, and now, a week later, we are still in the process of letting it all back out. It's hotter than the Devil's armpit here in the Gulf of Mexico, and with the dead seaweed and barnacles it's not much nicer smelling either. Still two and a half a weeks to go, and then it's back to heavenly Namibia and the love of my life.