Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14 March... Ah, the last trip was uneventful, and I arrived home only a day late. This delay was only due to the vessel being so far from the shore that it took two hours by chopper to get to land, and then it was too late for my favorite flight down to South Africa. The break was fairly uneventful, too. I got my Landy in 4x4 mode for a week, and we did a bit of driving around. Unfortunately, the conversion to the car was destroying a gear, and we had to take it all out again. Eckie and me both have offroad vehicles that are not fully capable of their intended function. We have been having a year-long race to get these vehicles back to a driving state. Eckie has a Galendarwagen, and I have a Discovery. So far I have had more off-road action, as I had a week with it working properly. His car is due to be fixed soon, too, and then he will be clocking up the kilometers while I have to wait for mine to come out of the shop. The next break should be interesting. It largely coincides with a school holidays in Namibia, and hopefully we will be able to go see some real lions this upcoming break. So, the long running Land-Rover saga is not over yet. Still, for the time we did have it, it was great to be able to go anywhere we want again. The shock absorbers were upgraded, and the ride is amazingly better than it used to be. The engine still keeps purring along, and it's great all around, apart from the conversion not working quite right.