Sunday, February 20, 2011

WG Columbus Christmas trip 2010/2011

Our trip started out as normal.

Some of the crew left for greener pastures at other companies, and some days we had good weather, other days not so good. Streamer work was done on the good days, and we actually set about cleaning the entire spread of slime.

Which turned out to be a good thing, as not too long after that one of our electric engines burned out and we had to recover all our gear and head back to port for emergency repairs. So, we went to Mobile, Alabama for repairs. On the way there we had a nice Christmas party, and a few nights out with beers in port itself.

I bought a new camera in port as well. The old Canon video camera just did not take good enough pictures, and the format was NTSC. I am now the very happy owner of a Canon 550D. It takes video, and it's picture taking capability is quite good as well.

We were out of port before the trip ended, and we almost got all the gear out before crewchanging on the 11th. There was even some rough weather to make crewchange interesting. However, our helicopter pilots did not disappoint and soon we were all on our way home.

The video has been made, but unfortunately it can't be put on the internet due to SLB's policies on it's technology... no worries, it's not that interesting anyways...