Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ah, time for another blog entry. It's all quiet, and we are counting the days before going home. Just a few days to go! The trip has been busy but uneventful. At home there are a few developments. Our current neighborhood is a bit dodgey, and noisy day and night. We love our house, and have spent a long time making it pretty and Isolde did amazing work with the garden. Unfortunately, no amount of work will improve the neighborhood, and so we decided to move to a better neighborhood in the same town. We'll certainly miss our old house, and I will take a few photos just as we move out. The new house id a gem, though. I was leasing it out, and it will take a month before the current tenants vacate the place. Then it probably will take another week of serious fixing and painting before we can move in. The we will have to do a bit of painting on the old house and then we can start looking for tenants for that house. One of the unexpected benefits of the new house is that Ethen's current best friend will practically become a neighbor. Here is an image from google earth.
We will have to start all over again with gardening, but at least we have the sea to one side, and the desert on our doorstep. Hmm, maybe I will need a better picture of just the sort of neighborhoods involved...
Yep, I am actually looking forward to moving!