Thursday, August 6, 2009

KDE 4.3

Well, it finally arrived! KDE 4.3 made it to the outside world! I spent a day or so compiling it, and to be honest, it's....

Hmm... not that much different from KDE 4.2 actually.
I had a bit of a time battling to get the icons installed, and then once I got it all up and running the first thing I did was to revert back to the "Oxygen" theme. The new "Air" theme is too bright for my cave-dwelling type eyes.

So, here's to hoping that KDE has finally reached stableness enough that people will not even notice that it's not there and carry on with work as we all did last year.


I have a few good applications installed on Sorcerer, most of which depends upon KDE. During the last year I spent some time getting Sorcerer to also be a Multimedia distrobution. I can edit AVCHD directly with openmovieeditor, amarok 2.1.1 runs smoothly and supplies all the tunes when I need it. K3b has recently released a QT4 version, and that runs beautifully, too.
For my photos I have DigiKam, also in QT4 version. All of this goodness runs on 64bit, too!

Sooo, now I am just going to back up my root dir as a good one, and then carry on making little movies... the end of my trip out here in the Gulf of Mexico is coming to an end. This morning we got a very nice lightning show, some of which I managed to capture on video.

Hopefully I'll post a little sanitized movie of work out here. I am not allowed to show any company stuff, so it might be a little boring.