Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking back.

Ah, it's back at work for me after another holiday. This one was blessed with good fortune and a great family.

Isolde and I have been married for a couple of months now. We are planning the church wedding to fall on the same day exactly one year on, so that we have only one anniversary. :)

But, first things first. The rest of the last trip went off without a hitch. We are shooting seismic in an entirely new way, and not shying away from the challenges, we are now actually getting bored. In seismic terms, this is good, and we would like it to stay that way.

During the previous work trip, Isolde told me she was pregnant, and while we don't know what sex the baby will be yet, I am quite excited at the prospect of becoming a daddy. This last break was nice, as me and Isolde are renovating the main bedroom, and will hopefully have it ready before the baby gets here. I spent some time sanding down the wooden parts of the room. It's all Oregon Pine under the layers of paint. How can anyone paint over such lovely wood?

Anyways, the laundry was started the trip before, and almost got finished before it was time for me to go to work again. Isolde tells me that they are almost finished now. The place is looking quite nice, and I have a feeling that this summer will be a nice one. The other thing that got built was the wind shelter around what will become the vegetable garden.

Of course the dogs started chewing on the shade netting, and we had to train them to leave the stuff alone. Of course the best idea is to make it so that they can't get to the netting in the first place. However, that is expensive, and besides, the dogs should learn not to chew everything that we make in the back yard. :)

Yup, so we had a busy time. So busy, in fact that I have not touched the video editor. There was an update to the thing... and the number of movies I made since that update is 0. But, since I am back at work, I might have the time now, after shift, to be able to cut that into something that someone might be able to watch.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post that video within the week.